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Warm-up (No Measure)

3 mins DU practice

mobility: hips, glutes, quads, calves

3 rounds:

5 medball deadlifts

5 medball cleans

5 medball squats


Back Squat (3×5@80% of 1rm)

Back Squat (2×2@90% of 1rm)


041818 (Time)

For Time:


Double Unders

Medball cleans(20/14)

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Crossfit NMB

Welcome to CrossFit North Myrtle Beach. Our philosophy is a commitment to your overall sense of well-being and confidence, that includes your improved health, feeling better, performing better and looking better. We do not use machines or perform bicep curls. Our program is a series of functional movements that are constantly varied and done at high intensity. Routine is the enemy. Our members are not just clients or customers. They are part of a team committed to helping one another achieve their goals.