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What To Expect & Programming

You start with our On Ramp course.


**If have participated in CrossFit in the past and feel you know all the movements, then call and schedule a time with one of our coaches to come to our facility to prove you know and understand the movements.  Once you have established that you have the basic movements down to the satisfaction of the coach, you will be authorized to participate in the regular CrossFit class schedule.

What is should I expect during the “On-Ramp” sessions?

In three 60 minute private classes you will learn the basic movements of Crossfit. The On Ramp sessions are mandatory for the individual who ultimately wants to train in our on-going CrossFit group classes. During these sessions, you will work with a certified coach who will safely expose you to our movement curriculum in a private setting. Our On Ramp sessions are designed to go over many of the movements in a slower and more detailed pace than a normal CrossFit class.  This gives you more instructional time and personal attention by coaches. This also allows the coaching staff to assess each individuals fitness level, determine movement modifications and determine future goals that the athlete will work towards during there training. We do not want you to feel intimidated and uncomfortable; we want you to love CrossFit like we do.

In an effort to better prepare you for your On Ramp sessions, we have outlined some of the the curriculum that we will lead you through. Expect to have a challenging, but short work out that everyone can complete no matter the fitness level.  Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes.

Each movement that you will learn during your On Ramp sessions is listed with a video link for you to study at the end of this page.  The videos are there so that you can familiarize yourself with each movement before you come to class.

A typical On-Ramp class might look like this:

7:30 – 7:40 Warm-up
7:40 – 7:50 Mobility
7:50 – 8:30 New Movement Instruction
8:30 – 8:45 Strength & Conditioning workout
8:45 – 9:00 Cool Down / Stretch / Concepts Discussions

Great!Now all you have to do is . . . .

  1. Call us and set up an initial consultation.
  2. We will then set up your 3 on ramp classes. Look over the website and become familiar with it.  Watch the video links below of the movements you will be taught so you are prepared.
  3.  Come to class in workout attire, comfortable shoes and bring water.  Water will be available for purchase.
  4. Be ready to learn the movements and complete a short WOD. Have Fun!



To register call 843-580-6188 or email us.

Once you become a member you will get login info for WODIFY. This is our all-in-one program where you will sign-up for classes, and post your workout results. This is also how we can track progress.

Our Programming:Level 1, 2, 3: All levels workout together!

At CrossFit North Myrtle Beach we have 3 levels of strength and conditioning programing: Levels 1, 2, 3.

Level 3: Level 3 programming is geared to athletes who are new to Crossfit. This is regardless of previous fitness level or athletic experience. Fitness workouts are less technical, meaning the focus is on the simpler lifts, body weight exercises and modified movements. For example, you will see level 3 programmed to perform medball cleans instead of cleans or kettle bell snatches instead of barbell snatches. Why? Because, generally speaking, level 3 athletes do not yet have the neuromuscular efficiency to perform these technical movements with good form without putting their bodies in a compromised position at this point. Level 3 wods are designed this way to prevent injury and to begin the learning process for the technical lifts in a safer more effective way. Level 3 programming is also geared toward individuals who want to be a part of our family but have no interest in the olympic lifts or higher skill movements. Many start here with that in mind but then find themselves wanting to advance to the level 2 or even level 1 programming.

Level 2: Level 2 programming is a cross between level 1 and level 3. Here you will find more technical gymnastics movements, heavier prescribed loading for barbell movements, and higher reps than the level 3.

Level 1: Level 1 programming is like our level 2 programming on steroids! This is our regular CrossFit programming. The weights are heavier, the movements are more complex and the energy demand expectations are higher. A person moves to level 1 because proper technique has been refined, conditioning has improved as well as their neuromuscular efficiency to perform the technical movements. The athlete also now has a good sense of how to “go there” in a 3:00 wod or how to breathe and pace through a 20:00 AMRAP. Therefore, will have less chance of breakdown in form once fatigued.


Check out our WOD Blog on our homepage for examples of our tiered programming structure. Contact us and we would be glad to answer any questions regarding it.

**Click on a links below and a demonstration of the exercise will be shown.  Some links are videos and some are shortcuts to YouTube.

The Air Squat: 

The Deadlift 

The Sumo Deadlift High Pull 

The Concept 2 Rower 

Pushup Progressions:



playing around with pushups: 

The Front Squat: 

The Presses 

Shoulder Press
Push Press
Push Jerk

The Overhead Squat: 

Knees to Elbows 

The Kettlebell Swing 

Pullup Progressions
ring rows: 
band assisted: 
strict pullup: 
kipping pullup: 
butterfly pullup: 

this is just some of the many movements that you should expect to get instruction on.